Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Not Who You Know. It's Who's Willing to Mention You.

The internet has been considered by many to be the second most important invention next to the printing press. Its world wide reach and instant multi-media publishing capabilities are no doubt two of the major reasons why the web is fast replacing “traditional” media as the news source of choice. A web log or blog is basically self publishing at its best. It's cheap—even free and instantly available at the click of a button. No wonder many make use of them.

If you're good at it, maintaining a blog can bring you fame and wealth. Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, and (from the other end of the spectrum) Perez Hilton are just a few people who have "made" it in the blogosphere.
Chris Brogan Robert Scoble Perez Hilton
Getting mentioned by one of them is huge. You can go from nobody knowing your name to thousands of people knowing your life.

So imagine what that can do for your organization. Exposure. It's undeniably needed if you are to maintain the interest of your peers, volunteers, and donors. It's also crucial to developing new contacts. Sometimes new contacts come from unexpected places if the right person takes an interest. However, never leave it to someone else to make it happen. I agree with Beth Kanter. FYI: She's super smart and great at her job (social media for non-profits--twitter profile). I asked her about some advice for this entry and she replied with "you know--that's just one strategy. Building relationships with your community gives a better return."
Beth Kanter

So get your organization's name and message out there. Don't forget, though, the right person can help you get the word out, too. And possibly to more people.

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