Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brave Little Girl

I want to start by apologizing for the super, extra long break in the time line. The blog description doesn't sufficiently explain why, so I will elaborate. Class ended, and I thought the blog would, too. However, I kept thinking about it throughout the year but couldn't figure out how to make it more personal. Then it hit me. There are plenty of people and organizations in my area who need help and/or exposure. Still, I was a bit lost on how to re-start the blog.

Then a coworker started talking about her granddaughter,Emma Hartfield, with a rare blood type--A+. She is now two years old and has had six surgeries. The medical bills are, to say the least, very large. I thought that if maybe I could help in any way with their needs...Anyway, they recently had a blood drive in front of Kmart on Highway 49, MS and received around 50 units of usable blood--not all A+. However, any blood they receive in her name will be credited to Emma's account at The Blood Center which has several locations: Picayune, Pascagoula and Ocean Springs, MS. There are locations in Louisiana, but we are still unsure whether or not Emma will receive credit at those locations. Another blood drive is scheduled in May (more details to follow in later posts), but if you would like to donate before then you can visit any of The Blood Center's locations in Mississippi and mention her name.

I hope to see you all at the next blood drive and thanks for helping all those in need!